About Us

Since its establishment on May 23, 2015, Daily News has always been adhering to the purpose of providing high-quality news services for global users, and has been loved by the majority of users with diversified contents, unique perspectives and convenient browsing experience. As a comprehensive news media portal website, Daily News features diversified columns such as games, cars, fashion, Internet, technology, society, education, sports, food, culture, news, finance, hotel, life, entertainment and blockchain; it serves Europe and the United States, and gradually expands to the global scope.

To better serve the user groups of different languages, Daily News has gradually developed multiple language versions such as Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Malay, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese according to user needs, which makes Daily News’s influence growing and its news information more global. By means of this multilingual communication method, Daily News makes global news accessible to more people, and hence promotes the communication and understanding among different cultures.

In the process of news transmission, Daily News always adheres to the objective, impartial and professional news concepts. Based on the facts, they dig deep into the stories behind the news and make analyses from an authoritative perspective to provide users with comprehensive and real news information. This professional spirit makes Daily News stand out among many news media and win the trust of users.

In the future development, Daily News will continue to adhere to the objective, impartial and professional news concepts to provide users with more high-quality and comprehensive multilingual news services. In the meantime, Daily News will continue to enrich the website contents and innovate the communication methods to bring a richer and more diversified news experience to the global users. They will improve the efficiency of news transmission and user experience by introducing more new technologies and concepts, such as big data and artificial intelligence.

We believe that Daily News will create more brilliant achievements in the field of news transmission and become a leader in the diversified communication of global news. Daily News is expected by the public to bring more surprises in the future and to bring more high-quality and comprehensive multilingual news services to global users.

We founded

Daily News was born on May 23, 2015, amidst the wave of the digital age. At first, the website was not very large in scale. The main news releases are regional trends. Most of them are based in Manhattan, and their operators are not industry veterans or news giants, but are funded and operated by media professionals. Senior media practitioners Andrei Bartolome and Esmeralda Rodriguez jointly founded Daily News. As a senior journalist, I understand the actual needs of the public, and although there is not a lot of financial support in the operation process, its development speed is still very fast. Andre and Esmeralda saw a gap that traditional media could not meet, and they created a new platform that could both read information and communicate, providing users with high-quality news services.

time axis

2015-2017: From niche to mainstream

When Daily News was first established, the two of them only built the website for entertainment purposes, so many of the articles involved were copied. However, due to the extremely interesting comments written during the reporting process, it received a small amount of attention from users, most of whom were journalists from major newspapers and magazines. This type of user is both a viewer and a publisher of corresponding content, which continuously enhances the attractiveness of the website, and the content involved has become extremely diverse from the initial single regional content.

2018-2019: Multi sector diversity content is mainstream

With the growth of the number of users, Daily News began to enrich its own content, adding many columns such as games, cars, fashion, Internet, technology, society, education, sports, food, culture, finance, hotels, life, entertainment, blockchain, etc. At the same time, they also exchange news resources with other internationally renowned media to expand their influence.

2020-2022: Innovation in News Types

At this stage, Daily News began to focus on technological innovation, with a focus on returning users to their original style. Its style gradually underwent significant changes. In the early stages, the website published various types of news to guide users to read. However, between 2020 and 2022, the biggest change that the website experienced was a change in its mode, from initially being the main news publisher to attracting users to choose the content they were interested in. Subsequently, the website conducted continuous reporting, which also made the website famous for a period of time.

2023 present: Continuous development and new reading methods

Daily News has always focused on unconventional paths in its industry development, especially after 2023. The website has introduced a new way of reading, which is that users have a probability of receiving corresponding rewards during the reading process. This type of model has once again stimulated the enthusiasm of the public for reading. The website manager stated that after entering 2023, the amount of traffic received by various news media websites has been diluted with the increasing number of institutions entering the industry. In this state, how to retain users and how to maintain stable development is the focus that news media websites need to pay attention to. At present, the development of news media websites is no longer the external space of wild growth. Only by paying attention to details can they develop steadily and not be eliminated. This is also the development policy of Daily News in the future.